The Flexitarian Table

25 Jan

As of today, I’ve tested out 3 of the winter menus from Berly’s The Flexitarian Table. Previously discussed was the Phyllo Pie with Lemon tofu, winter greens, and mushrooms paired with the roasted winter vegetable salad and red onion vinaigrette.  I also tested out the favorite winter tomato soup/ spanish style eggs over farro/fennel with lemon and and fennel salt combo and  tonight was chicken/tempeh in mole negro with a pickled vegetable salad.

Pickled Vegetables made earlier this week

Overall I really like this cookbook. It has a nice layout with lots of visuals ( I don’t know whether this is the artist in me, but I demand that my cookbooks have gorgeous photographs in them before I even consider looking at them), caters to both meat eaters and vegetarians simultaneously, draws from a wide variety of cuisines and each menu includes an plan for timing in order to prepare everything simultaneously.

My only gripe with the cookbook is that you seriously need to have a lot of time if you plan on cooking an entire menu. While everything is planned to be made together, some elements ( usually the first one on the list) take a decent amount of time. The mole negro I cooked tonight took me about an hour and forty five minutes, though I was cooking the chicken and tempeh during the last twenty minutes of simmering. If you’re cooking one of the menus for the first time, don’t expect to be able to throw it together quickly after work.

This cookbook requires some planning but because of this would be fantastic to use for a dinner or event in order to keep all guests happily fed. And I don’t know whether it’s because I’m craving warm weather and lighter meals, but all the recipes in the Spring and Summer sections look fantastic.


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