New Prints 2010 / Winter

28 Jan

Quite frankly, I find most of the artwork shown in NYC’s Chelsea to be depressing. Not because the subject matter in of itself is gloomy or morose, but because it just seems so uninspired and lacking in so many other ways. I often wonder how it was chosen to be shown in a gallery before I remember that I generally dislike the attitudes of most galleries as well.

However, there is always one gallery I can depend upon to have a well-curated, diverse show about a medium that I never feel gets enough love: The International Print Center New York (located on W.26 between 10th and 11th).


Currently on display is their New Prints 2010 / Winter . Mark Parson’s Lazarus in Paradise, 2008 is quiet with regard to color palette and the multitude of lines

But the work speaks of a weightiness of time, a compression of years and actions that we have to excavate in order to find meaning. That this is a print in his Contemporary Archeology Series makes perfect sense. A similar delicate density is found Roberta Allen’s Shadows & Tangles #17, 2009; Sage Dawson’s Hair Maps, Studies of Albuquerque and Israel, 2009; and Hope Dector’s Little Chapters (State1), 2009.

These are the works from the show that coherently created a strong impression upon me (though they are interspersed throughout the show) because they speak of the inherent nature of printmaking in a contemporary manner.


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