Communion Season

9 May

The month of May means many things, and one of those things is the fact that it’s Communion season. This means lots of family, lots of little girls in little white dresses, and lots of food. Because of a trip to New Jersey for such an event, I’m left with a lack of any new art or cooking adventures this weekend. However, the buffet at my cousin’s communion? Pretty awesome as these things go.

There was of course the standard penne alla vodka, which I never say no to. But there was also orzo with sundried tomatoes, feta and kalamata olives! So tasty. Salad, served with dressing or without. I hate when people automatically assume you want dressing on your salad so I was psyched about this state of affairs. Plus there was a potato salad that was more green beans than potato! Sandwiches like brie and ham or turkey and swiss, but also portobello, pesto and mozzarella. I think my passion for vegetables is getting noticed by my family.

Side note: Sam Adam’s Summer Ale is very lemon flavored. Some relatives found it a little too lemony for their taste, but I thought it was a decent summer beer.


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