19 May

I’m a planner. There is absolutely no denying that. I have several google calendars going, besides a filofax that lies right next to my computer which I constantly refer to. As well as the traditional wall calendar.  When I make plans with friends, I normally decide upon the restaurant or outing at least two days in advance.

I’m working on not having my life planned out to the last second, accepting random changes in previously established plans or  going along with spontaneously occurring ones. So when I received a text at 4:30 in the afternoon on Monday from my boyfriend asking if I would like to go to Brooklyn that night at 7:00, I can’t lie. My first thought was “oh…but I totally didn’t know about this in advance!” Quickly followed by “Brooklyn? Yes!”

We just walked along the promenade in Brooklyn Heights, looking at the skyline. A new park /green way was under construction below, and it will be another fantastic area for biking or running. Our walk was followed by dinner at a Thai restaurant at around 9:30.

Lantern Thai , located at 101 Montague St, definitely gets good marks for atmosphere and friendly service. Because Monday night we actually had decent weather again, we were able to grab a table outside on the sidewalk. I had actually already eaten dinner that evening, so instead of having a second dinner, I ordered an appetizer to go along with my Sapporo. The virgin rolls were filled with spinach, sprouts and a tiny amount of tofu and avocado. The best part was the accompanying honey citrus sauce.

Spontaneity is totally a good thing.


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