The Beach House

22 May

When it’s 80 degrees out and sunny for the first time in days, there is no way I’m eating lunch inside when I have the option of outside. A good friend and I decided to catch up over lunch, and drove down to Long Beach to take advantage of the beach town’s location.

This is the third time I’ve eaten here in recent months and each time both the service and food have been really fantastic. Our waitress brought us samples of Pacifico beer, because she realized she hadn’t described it perfectly to us and didn’t want us to order it…and then dislike it. I appreciate when people go out of their way like that, it makes the whole dining experience so much more enjoyable.

Along with my Pacifico that I did order, I had blackened shrimp and goat cheese quesadillas which were fantastic. I hadn’t though to combine these two elements, and I always assume quesadillas will have a cheese like monterey jack in them. I ordered a side of mixed vegetables as well because I knew with my work schedule, I might not have another chance for a complete meal that day. The portion was so huge! I was able to eat my fill at lunch, and then have more for dinner. Good food, good service, great location.

If you need a meal ( or a drink) after walking the boardwalk or surfing or swimming…definitely check out The Beach House.

906 W Beech St Long Beach NY


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