Irish Repertory Theater Gala

16 Jun

The Irish Repertory Theater in New York was created 22 years ago. Their mission is to produce the works of Irish / Irish American playwrights (both masters and contemporaries) for American audience, and to encourage the development of new works. Monday night was their annual gala dinner, which my family has gone to ever since my dad has become involved with the theater company. We were invited to their production of Brigadoon, followed by a dinner at Sardi’s across the street.

Of course, my family decided to have a party before the party. Appetizers and drinks at Langans Bar & Restaurant in the theater district, specifically 150 W 47th st. I ate way too much. Let’s just say appetizers ranged from guacamole or loaded potato skins to dim sum and beef samosas. If you’re looking for a nice restaurant in this district, and want to avoid the chain restaurants, Langan’s is really great. Service is super friendly and the food is very good. I should know, my family has been eating here for years.

After about two hours, we walked ( I rolled) up a few blocks to the Shubert theatre to watch the one night performance of Brigadoon.

Matthew Broderick was hosting, and I tried to get a picture, but the stage lighting basically turned him into a ghost in every shot. No facial features were to be found at all. Then the cast performed Brigadoon, the story of the scottish town that only appears every hundred years.

If you’re wondering why an Irish theater company put on a scottish play, I’m just going to quote Matthew Broderick’s explanation: “The Scots and the Irish are the same people…the Irish just knew how to swim.”

I actually love when a performance is essentially a reading, when you can see the scripts and there are no sets or costumes.¬† You can really focus on the words, music, and the actor’s craft.

Sardi’s was the final stop for the evening.

Honestly I was not impressed by Sardi’s. I liked the proximity to the Shubert, and trying to figure out which person the sketches on the wall were of, but it felt rather dated inside. It was also jam packed with all the tables we had to use to fit everyone. After the play, I much would rather have gone back for another drink at Langan’s.


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