Rainy Day Adventures

21 Jul

When you’re schlepping around and finally, finally getting to play with a new camera, getting caught in a down pour ranks pretty high up there as one of the least fun things that could possibly  happen to you. However, I’ve figured out the best solution: Hiding out in a bookstore, quickly followed by a mad dash through the rain to a restaurant for lunch.

BookHampton, is everything a book store should be. Super helpful staff who just seem to know exactly what it you’re looking for. Blue tiled floors accompanied by a blue dog water dish near the front door.  A vast array of hardcovers and paperbacks which beckon to you alluringly. This is why I walked out with not one, but three new books. How could I say no to an independent bookstore? ( Save the shop around the corner, and you will save your soul).

But I think what you really want to hear about is lunch at La Maison.

I was drawn in by the atmosphere of the restaurant, with walls of open windows and color scheme. I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for aesthetics. They have an extensive raw bar, but I steered away from that. Instead, I had this delicious masterpiece of a salad :

Little croquettes of goat cheese, golden beets and pickled bermuda onions. My main entree, the croque madame, was too heavy with it’s thick blanket of cheese and fried egg. My mom’s chicken milanese looked like the better choice. But this salad? Fantastic.


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