1-Cooler, 1 – Weekend

2 Aug

This weekend while I was away, I wanted to try out the August issue of cooking light’s “The Great 1- Cooler, 1- Weekend Getaway”. Having all my meals planned out for the weekend, and fitting them in one cooler, would be extremely helpful while I was dog sitting for a relative. I really did not want to scarf down all of their snacks while I was supposed to be dog walking, nor did I want to go to the grocery store 800 times when I was craving something.

So I packed my cooler and bag.

I jumbled around the order of their recipes and left a few out (Mostly desserts and drinks).

I do wish that they had listed the ingredients for their 3 make ahead items; I photocopied their list for shopping purposes and ended up forgetting some ingredients. They did a great job of using the same staples in a different manner, I never thought I could use honey and mustard so many times in a weekend. The only other flaw was when I had dinner guests stop by and had to go double my ingredients, but that’s not the fault of cooking light.  One of my favorite dinners:

Barbecue Chicken Sliders with Pickled Onions, Broccoli Slaw, and Grilled Corn with Honey Butter.

And by the end of the weekend, I had used up all my ingredients. No leftovers to worry about, just an empty cooler to throw in the trunk of my car.


2 Responses to “1-Cooler, 1 – Weekend”

  1. shannon (The Daily Balance) August 2, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    these look amazing! I love sliders, so much more fun to eat!

    • culturalcravings August 2, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

      Thanks! Sliders are definitely one of my preferred ways to eat a burger (or in this case, chicken).

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