18 Aug

Aside from its ability to get a Kinks song stuck in my head, my friend Dana and I decided to try out Lola’s because its a wine bar and restaurant. I may definitely enjoy a pint at a bar, but I’m a definitely a wine girl at heart. Lola’s ambiance and decor promised good things.

Sorry for the color drop photos. I didn’t realize someone had switched the settings on my family camera until later on. We were seated right away at 6:30, at a table near the windows. They must have known I wanted the natural light. This was fine until another couple was seated right on top of us. Dana and I like chatting with people and normally would have had no problem with this, but it felt a little awkward. The tension eased later on when the noise level of the restaurant was raised.

Dana and I both decided to do their prix fixe menu, which had a first, second, and third course for $20.10. (For 2010 as the menu states). Drinks were in order from their wine list, and we made vows to come back on their thursday girls nights when bottles of wine are fifteen dollars.

Let me just start by saying that these crisps were delicious. So flavorful. I could have had just these and my malbec, and would have been completely satisifed.

I can’t really say the same about my first course.

Their stuffed rigatoni in a light tomato sauce was alright. I was enjoying it, as I do all cheese stuffed pasta, until Dana said ( and I quote) “It tastes kind of microwaveable. Like one of those frozen dinners”. And I realized she was sort of right.

My second course was a chicken lentil soup which was good, it just needed one punch of bold flavor. It was all kind of one note.I appreciated the big chunks of veggies and chicken though.

This was the mojito salmon, with a muddled mint and rum glaze, served with wild rice and vegetables. Again, I felt the flavor was lacking. I couldn’t even taste the glaze. I had enough rice to feed a family.  The salmon was perfectly cooked though.

And for a bit of contrast, Dana’s 3rd course.

So Lola’s was fantastic with regards to wine and atmosphere, but overall I felt the food was just average. Since I enjoyed the space I’m sure I’ll be back, but most likely just at the bar.

Wine and cute shoes (and great company) made it a fun night out.

Dana's cute peep toes. Sorry for the blur D.


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