23 Aug

This post is tinged with nostalgia; I can’t objectively go out to eat in Greenport because it’s where I spent every summer when I was little. Well, technically we stayed every summer on Shelter Island and took the ferry into Greenport whenever we wanted to go out to eat or shop. (For those reading who don’t know, Shelter Island is a small island within the fork of Long Island. It’s only accessible by ferry). My family drove out to Greenport to visit Claudio’s for dinner. We try to make a yearly pilgrimage to it.

This year we actually stopped first at the Greenport Harbor brewery.

Located right next to the old jail!

It was very much a hole in the wall type of place, but their branding was awesome. I absolutely love their Whale/Long Island logo. With the purchase of the pint glass, we got to sample the five beers they had on tap. I think the best were their Summer Ale and Disorient Ale.

Then we had to venture out in the rain, in our ponchos to make our way to the dock where Claudio’s is.

But first, a pit stop  at the candy store where we used to go every summer. I bought some peanut butter chocolate fudge, and one truffle. 1 pound of godiva truffles can cost $48!  But I was satisfied with one.

Greenport’s actually very charming. It’s filled with galleries, restaurants, and shops. On the green there is a giant carousel. It used to be housed in a barn, and we’d ride it and try to grab the brass ring to win a free ride. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of that today. It wasn’t really wandering weather. And I would like the opportunity to try new restaurants one day.

But we made it to Claudio’s, which is located on the water near where the ferry pulls in. We actually ate on the dock, which is furnished with plastic chairs and tables. During inclement weather, they cover the area.

But with drinks and food, we didn’t care that it was raining.

We all had appetizers and main courses, but to save you from this already lengthy post I’ll just leave you with mine. I had new england clam chowder ( when I was little I’d only order this, leaving the clam chunks in the soup, with a side of fries. I basically lived on potatoes and hated seafood. Oh how times have changed) and a mahi mahi rueben.


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