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7 Facts

24 Jan

Courtney over at Pancakes and Postcards bestowed upon me this award (Thanks Courtney!):

As a recipient, I’m to share seven facts about myself and tag 15 bloggers. I don’t think I have 15 new and upcoming blogs that I read (something I should probably work on), so I’ll just list the facts:

1. I was rather obsessed with the Lord of the Rings when the movies came out while I was in high school.  My cousin and I even met some hobbits on two separate occasions: Sean Astin at a book signing and Billy Boyd with his band Beecake.

2. While working as a tour guide on campus, I got locked in a stairwell (not with a tour group thankfully) with my coworker. We left frantic voicemails on our boss’ phone, only to discover that actually we were not locked in at all. oops! Our boss thought it was hilarious.This was not the first exploit to occur while touring; our year’s tourguides ended up compiling a book of ridiculous tour stories.

3. My 21st birthday had a pirate theme.This is my cousin and I modeling our hats, she’s the one with the eyepatch, I”m the one pretending to have a hook for a hand.

4.  My cousin and I also went in the shark tank at the Riverhead Aquarium, it was pretty awesome even though we originally put our wetsuits on backwards.(If my boyfriend reads this, I’m sure he’ll find that information hilarious since he bought me a wetsuit for my birthday last year).

5. I ate my way through Florence in the summer of 2007. Prior to this trip, I never cooked, never ate anything besides plain bagels and ravioli, and never drank wine. Now is a completely different story.












6.My favorite movie is You’ve Got Mail. I now work and go to school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and every time I walk the streets I like to pretend I’m Kathleen Kelly.

7. I really miss my studio from senior year of college. In this photo, not only can you see a painting but if you look closely you can see the inspirational quotes my professor used to leave, an it’s okay from Glamour magazine that my friend Ness left, and a collage of a creepy yoga dude made of photocopies of said yoga dude that my friend plastered all over my studio. This was after I had covered her studio wall with giant photographs of actor Lee Pace.



13 Sep

There is no one under the age of 20 in my household, yet our go to tomato sauce recipe comes from this book.

I go this book about 10 years ago when I was making my first forays into cooking. (For those of you who don’t know, that would make me 13). I took it out from the library and proceeded to host a dinner party for my extended family, making both this sauce and Emeril’s spinach stuffed shells. My aunt gave me a copy as a gift, and I proceeded to make spinach stuffed shells again. And would again several years later when I hosted a dinner for 20 friends. I think these are the only two recipes I have ever used from this book, but they’re good.  And the sauce is super easy to make, I have it simmering away right now as I type.

In other news, the blog finally has a header! Check it out. My original drawing was much crisper, but as with anything I do that then involves technology, resizing it led to a fuzzier result.

I’ll probably be posting once a week now on Mondays because my life is about to get crazy. Commuting into the city 5 days a week will lead to change in how I plan my meals. Expect to see some experimentation with a slow cooker and attempts to keep lunch from getting boring, all while trying to eat healthily. Maybe  I should rename the blog Commuter Cooking (just kidding).

And of course, some cultural excursions because as my friend Stef said to me last night ” I cannot let work become my life”.

Cruisin Round NYC

29 Aug

So Friday night I boarded this

the Paddle Wheel Queen, with these lovely ladies

to view sights like these

My friends Stef and Jess, and I, had bought tickets for an evening cruise with Marco Polo cruises off a deal from LivingSocial. We were told we would start boarding at 7, but because of the several other boats boarding at the dock we didn’t actually start boarding until 7:30. The best part of the cruise was getting to see the lights of the city from the boat, and spending time with friends.

Our purchase included a buffet and two free drinks. The buffet was standard – penne a la vodka, caesar salad, rolls and chicken. We ate our fill because we were starving by 8:30, but it’s so hard to eat healthy at events like these. And my two glasses of wine was a serious mistake that I felt the next morning. I think I would have been safer with beer. Later on, we really enjoyed dancing on the second floor of the boat.

So while I loved cruising around the city, I’m really glad that I didn’t pay full price for the cruise.

In other NYC news, I’m very excited for this

An art related post. Sort of.

9 Aug

My friends, who like art and studied art and create art, happen to also like food. Really like food. So when some of us get together, it’s usually for a potluck type situation.

Half of the food we had on this particular night isn’t even featured. Not only did I forget to take pictures until after people had started eating, but I missed most of the grilling action entirely.

The natural lighting in this room is fantastic. It’s the type of light artists (and food bloggers) love.

Not only is the food freshly prepared, but 75 % of the bowls and serving plates are hand made as well.

There’s no official end time to these parties, and they essentially fulfill all my cultural cravings.

1-Cooler, 1 – Weekend

2 Aug

This weekend while I was away, I wanted to try out the August issue of cooking light’s “The Great 1- Cooler, 1- Weekend Getaway”. Having all my meals planned out for the weekend, and fitting them in one cooler, would be extremely helpful while I was dog sitting for a relative. I really did not want to scarf down all of their snacks while I was supposed to be dog walking, nor did I want to go to the grocery store 800 times when I was craving something.

So I packed my cooler and bag.

I jumbled around the order of their recipes and left a few out (Mostly desserts and drinks).

I do wish that they had listed the ingredients for their 3 make ahead items; I photocopied their list for shopping purposes and ended up forgetting some ingredients. They did a great job of using the same staples in a different manner, I never thought I could use honey and mustard so many times in a weekend. The only other flaw was when I had dinner guests stop by and had to go double my ingredients, but that’s not the fault of cooking light.  One of my favorite dinners:

Barbecue Chicken Sliders with Pickled Onions, Broccoli Slaw, and Grilled Corn with Honey Butter.

And by the end of the weekend, I had used up all my ingredients. No leftovers to worry about, just an empty cooler to throw in the trunk of my car.

Thanks for the Tabbouleh

17 May

Nothing makes you feel more like an adult then when your friends all start getting their own places. Nothing is better than going to visit them in their respective apartments, enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and playing with adorable kittens.

Except maybe for when you visit the apartment, and your friend pulls out a fresh batch of tabbouleh.