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9 Feb


Freddy’s Bar  and Backroom in Brooklyn ( 485 Dean St) is the epitome of an awesome dive bar. First off, it’s a convenient 5 minute walk from Flatbush Ave train station which is especially handy when you’re faced with frigid weather. The name has worn off the awning, all that’s left is a slight trace of several letters.  Upon entering you’re faced with an extremely eclectic mix of items hung on the walls that in no way seems prepackaged, you know that they’ve been accumulated randomly over time. For example, the swordfish above my party’s booth had handcuffs hanging from its nose and was located next to a precariously balanced lamp. Posters protesting a specific British banking institution were taped up all over the walls, and the tv plays a random assortment of images.  The booths and bar are made of dark wood, of the build that signify “bar”.

A newer addition to the bar is the heavy chain strung along it, which patrons will apparently be chaining themselves to in protest on the day the bar is finally tore down for the Atlantic Yards project. The beer selection, both draft and bottled, is listed above the bar. It’s not incredibly extensive, but in a world of bars boasting over 120 beer choices, this simplicity of choice is a relief.

The backroom is where the the bands are, the saturday night I was there at least 4 were scheduled to play. On this night I wasn’t focused on hearing any bands, but I did see a few minutes of two performances (descriptions from Freddy’s website) :

-9:00 The Debutante Hour, new-fangled, old-fashioned music from the Brooklyn-based accordion/cello and hobo drumming power trio.

-10:00 Guignol, raucous, theatrical, spastic and melodramatic soundtrack for singing grifters, murderous marionettes, and grease-painted gutterballs. It’s an oom-pah wedding, squealing and lyrical, that hits like punk rockers and sings like a gypsy camp.

(My friend affectionately referred to the 10:00 band as the Star Wars Cantina band).

There’s never a cover and though credit cards aren’t accepted, there’s an atm across the street. Freddy’s is one of the few bars I’m willing to visit over and over again, and even travel by train to get to.

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