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25 Feb

Empanadas made for the Art Potluck

Recently, there’s been a fad amongst my family to have appetizers only parties. Now, I think this sounds like a good idea in theory but for a hungry girl like me, a lack of sane healthy appetizer choices leads to untold mouthfuls of spinach and artichoke dip or wolfing down several knishes. Not that I regret it in the moment, but the day after I’m usually crying out for some vegetables.

It’s because of this that I’ve found my go-to recipe anytime I want to bring an appetizer to a party: Acorn Squash and Black Bean Empandas from the Veganomicon. These two main ingredients, plus an assortment of spices, a few other veggies and jalapenos, create a mixture with a nice kick that is easy to eat with your hands. I recently made these again for a big potluck dinner at my old art studio and found that they’re even good served at room temperature, handy when there isn’t a stove nearby or the adjacent one is already heating up other apps.  Though Veganomicon suggests cutting the dough into triangles to save from re-rolling scraps, I find the presentation to be better when using my biscuit cutters to cut out circles to fill with the stuffing. And even if the presentation turns out ugly (like my last batch did when I was having issues with the dough) at least you’ll know they’ll still be delicious.