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Black & Blue

28 Jun

The title of this post does not refer to the injuries I sustain by walking into things on a daily basis. Instead it refers to berries, one of my favorite things about the summer season. For a family bbq, I decided to make a fruit galette and use up the entire carton of blueberries from the fruit stand. I placed my trust in Martha, her recipe for pate brisee, and the book’s beautiful photography.

I think I was too enthusiastic when pulsing the butter. Maybe substituting some of the flour for whole wheat flour wasn’t the best idea ( though I like the contrast of a darker brown crust with the purple berry juice). Or maybe some other element went wrong. All I know is that half my dough got thrown out when I tried to roll it out, and the other half put up a good fight. Eventually I rolled it into submission, and a little over an hour later, I got to eat this: