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Choice Eats 2010

23 Mar

Choice Eats 2010 was one of the most fun culinary experiences I’ve had in awhile, but I’ve already decided I need a plan. Or to splurge on the VIP tickets. General admission opened at 6.30, but the line to get in wrapped around the block and though it moved quickly I didn’t get in until 7.15. Most restaurants were still plating but more than a few had essentially closed up. One had already served 700 portions by 8 o’clock! I loved however that each dish had a drink matched to it.

First up was a Smuttynose beer that I liked… unfortunately for the first few tasting I have no photographic evidence and just remember liking everything. It took awhile before I was able to figure out how to juggle a beer, a plate and fork, and my bag while whipping out a camera. And frankly, sometimes it’s more important to immerse yourself in the moment rather than taking notes or photos.

One of my favorites from early on was from MoonCake Foods. My little takeout container of salad topped with chicken had the best dressing I had ever eaten. I would have happily eaten six more portions. Ommegang’s Witte beer was described as pairing well with spicy food, so I accompanied it with a palte from Tiffin Wallah. Ommegang guy was right: perfect pair.

Further down that same row was Ovelia Psistaria bar where I sampled a marinated feta and house made sausage. The guys running this table were so fun and seemed to really enjoy interacting with the crowd (especially when one of them returned from the Beer Garden with several stella atois). Restaurants with enthusiastic cooks and servers definitely made the event. Mercadito was equally friendly. A good thing too, because there was a bit of a wait while new shrimp and avocado tacos were made.

A meat lasagna from Max was merely alright, and I had had high expectations for Highland’s vegetarian shepherd’s pie. I thought their Cullen Skink (similar to a chowder) was infinitely superior though with regard to flavor. A few other restaurants’ fares were sampled but I didn’t even come close to reaching even a third. My stomach was no match for Choice Eats.

Restaurants Tasted: Tiffin Wallah, Ovelia Psistaria Bar, Mercadito, Max, Ambiance Restaurant, Smorgas Chef, Mooncake Foods, Lucy’s Whey, Cafe Steinhof, Porchetta, Dumont, Highlands and Bep Restaurant.

Beers Tasted: Flying Dog (2), Ommegang (2), Smuttynose(2), Victory ( 2)




Tiffin Wallah

Ovelia Psistaria Bar