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Spice Market Pouches

10 Jun

Made with sweet potatoes and lentils, this recipe is from Vegetarian Times. Most of the work is just simple chopping, and the 25 min cooking time provides a nice amount of time to clean up. Once pulled from the oven, and the pouches opened, they will release an extreme amount of hot steam. Watch your face. (Consume ravenously if you’ve been  woken up early by a relative’s dog.)


I swear I don’t only use Peter Berley Cookbooks

23 Apr

I promise that I have a wealth of other cookbooks and resources, but Peter Berley’s are just so handy. This is his Lentil and Corn Salad with Sweet Peppers and Coriander from Fresh Food Fast.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic portable dinner for tonight when I have to head over to my old university to monitor the printshop facilities.

It was really  simple to put together and I think it’s pulling me out of my at home food rut. (Does anyone else get bored with the quick meals they tend to rely on?) And I don’t think anything smells better than fresh basil. Hello summer, I’ve missed you.

And for the meat lover in my life, I’m adding some grilled chicken to his portion.