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Pablo Bronstein at the Met

13 Apr

Pablo Bronstein at the Met, one solo show in a series highlighting contemporary artists, provides an alternative history for and imaginary futures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His ink drawings are exquisite, meticulously created architectural schematics that are simultaneously beautiful and funny.I don’t think I’ve ever laughed before while visiting an exhibit.

Favorite Works include: The Departure of the Temple of Dendur from Egypt, 2009 which illustrates a hypothetical method of how the temple arrived at the Met and the dark background makes this one of the most visually arresting in the show. The slightly skewed Poodle Piranesi etchings cover one wall, their deliberate black lines illustrating yet another Met universe.

The show generates an quiet atmosphere due to the architectural focus upon line rather than color. A gracefulness accompanies the incredibly interesting mythology, and I left the room with new thoughts about what constitutes a history and a future.

Sadly the show closes in 5 days, so if you can stop by the Met in the next few days I highly recommend it!