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Fish Tacos

14 Jun

As much as I love cooking sometimes it’s nice to sit and let someone else be in charge.

This is especially true¬† when they’re a great cook and you know the results will be delicious.



12 May

My sister has combined my love of cooking and my love for Lost into one awesome birthday present. Hurley’s Dharma Diner: Come for the Food. Stay for Good. With this apron, I almost feel like I should throw a Lost finale party. Almost. But I know I’m going to want to devote every inch of attention to the two and half hour finale.

I think we’ve tied for awesome gift giving ability this year Jen. ūüôā

Speaking of lost, I’m still figuring out what I want to blog about consistently¬† and how often I can and what my blog should look like. Should I write more? Are pictures truly worth a 1,000 words?¬† I totally think they are. And they’re what I find most fun about blogging. I guess that makes sense, considering that I spent my entire undergraduate years studying art and I’ll judge food on how it’s presented to me. I’m a sucker for nice packaging.

Any input about Cultural Cravings? I’m thinking it should have at least one art related post a week, and several food ones.

10 Feb

Today looked like this :

Snow Day

I figured I might as well take advantage of the snowy weather and try¬† a warm, substantial recipe with what what available on hand. I ended up making a riff on a vegetable cassoulet, a hybrid of¬† recipes including Mark Bittman’s Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables (located in Food Matters) and this one from Epicurious. My family not too subtly requested that I include meat in tonight’s dinner, so along with white navy beans and a plethora of vegetables*, my cassoulet included the kielbasa from the fridge. I used a liberal hand with both the herbs de provence and red wine.

Simmering on the stove

Topped with Toasted Breadcrumbs

*By plethora I mean 1 eggplant; 4 carrots; 2 onions; 3 stalks of celery; and a can of peeled plum tomatoes which I chopped.